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May. 16th, 2008 @ 01:26 am Bah
I'm up, I might as well post. No one here has heard from me in any significant way for a while.

I did well in my classes: A, B, B, C+, C. The C took 80% of my time and energy. Organic chemistry. In every other class I try to understand the way the information relates and why it is important. Chem always just feels like answering questions

Jessica and I are having a lot of fun, we recently had a nice visit in Titusville for Mother's Day

I have been geocaching quite a bit lately, I'm at 140+ finds; I hope to be doing more. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing much because I majorly screwed up the computer.
I left a usb key in the computer as it booted up and Windows Home Server formatted both drives in the system. Whenever I did an "unattended" install, I at least had to choose a partition. Not with WHS. the ironic thing is I was going to put it on another computer to use for backups. That is dramatic irony, by the way; becasue I knew that something like that was going to happen... It is a very complicate form of dramatic irony. Anyway 1 week(!) of recovery and some OS installs later, the desktop is running XP (an upgrade from vista), Mac OSX (a hack) and Ubuntu. The last 2 are for fun, I'd use OSX all the time if it wasn't so buggy on this hardware. The other computer will run linux and be used for backing up stuff from the desktop and bittorrent. I didn't go with WHS becasue it felt like beta software.
That is just an overview of the computer nightmare, lemme know if you want the gruesome details.

I'll probably end up working at blockbuster over the summer. It is ironic that after 8 years of higher education my job prospects are the same as when I was in high school. Once again, dramatic irony because I know that I have the education, but my employer never will.

Big projects for this summer:

# Get an outline for my future classroom
# Get a domain and blog for us and the
# story blog
# apply for internship
# build a laser cutter
# California trip

For some reason I am itching to learn python, I doubt I will any time soon

For hahas, check out youlooknicetoday.com
In fact, listen to 3a - known for his reach

I just spent 20 minutes writing this and I blame you. I hope you are happy, internets.
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