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Oct. 3rd, 2008 @ 12:38 pm VP debate 2008
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Last night I saw a tactic that I have seen from other debates. Whenever someone who denies evolution or the moon landing debates a scientist, they do the same thing. When a previous statement has been falsified, or the subject is unfamiliar, the debater just ignores the other person and/or changes topics.


Mod: Which of you is a better speller?

Aaron: I am. My spelling is second to none

Betty: I disagree, Aaron has never won a spelling bee, whereas I won 17 last year.

Aaron: My handwriting is better too. Also, English is Betty's second language.

Betty: That is irrelevant and untrue, I was born in Michigan. That doesn't matter anyway.

Mod: Next topic, do you prefer words with German or Latin roots?

Aaron: I would just like to point out that since Betty came to the U.S. from France, she has never visited the Statue of Liberty. I know because I visit it all the time.

This could be a combination of lack of experience and being coached to stay on the "talking points." If it was a conscious effort, the implications are much worse. Palin is trying to win over "Joe Sixpack," which isn't easy, considering she is a Governor with 1.2M in assets. So she has adopted a down home persona, hoping to connect to voters on a personal level, maybe she saw how well it worked for G.W. Bush. Either way, she must not think much of middle class America to believe that these sorts of things will go unnoticed.

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Date:October 6th, 2008 06:58 pm (UTC)

Doggone it

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It's interesting. While watching both me and Gina remarked how effective the whole "gosh golly I'm just like one of you" thing was. Whereas Biden came off looking and sounding like a seasoned politician and debater (with all of the positive and negative qualities that implies) she sure did sound like a down-home outsider. Whether it's a quip, such as "Golly Joe is that how you Washington people talk?" or a "shout-out" to a bunch of third-graders, she sure had that "golly, shucks" going on for her. What I find particularly perturbing are two things:

1)This same down-homey horseshit is what got George W. Bush elected in the first place: "He's just like us - an idiot! Gore is an elitist intellectual snob - boo!"

2) That the McCain-Pailin campaign has amazingly co-opted the "outsider" and "change" message from the Obama campaign and somehow, incredibly, turned Obama's lack of experience into a detriment but turned Palin's lack of experience into a bonus. She's a maverick who has no experience in Washington! She's the best person to help change things! Ignore that McCain has been in there for decades and arguably has helped get things to the place they are now! All of a sudden he's gonna reform. If the Democrats lose its because they weren't able to hold onto the zeitgeist of change and completely let the republican party co-opt the message, which I find darkly disturbing but intensely fascinating.